Boathouse Capital Completes Growth Capital Investment in TapClicks

“Boathouse Capital is pleased to announce that it has completed a growth investment in TapClicks, Inc.(“TapClicks” or the “Company”), a leading SaaS provider of marketing reporting and advertising operations for agencies, media companies and their brand clients.¬†Proceeds from the capital raise will be used to refinance a prior investor and invest in sales & marketing and product development.

Based in San Jose, CA, TapClicks provides its customers with a centralized view of marketing operations across a wide range of marketing tools. The end-to-end reporting and analytics tool integrates with 1,400+ data sources and 165+ native API connectors.

As media continues to move from traditional to digital sources, automation tools and software have become increasingly important. With a concentration on marketers at the SMB and mid-market space, TapClicks has been able to create a best-of-breed product by focusing its product development efforts on a workflow automation to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price point. Additionally, the Company has minimized customization requirements, facilitating a smooth on-boarding cost and limiting platform fees and upfront investment, which many of the larger business intelligence tools require.

“We evaluated several SaaS companies in the digital marketing space and TapClicks outperformed peers due to its rapid growth, large customer base and massive product differentiation with a unified platform, 180+ instant-on marketing connectors, HIPAA compliance and ability to bring in any external data with its SmartConnector,” said Chong Moua, General Partner, Boathouse Capital.

“TapClicks has disrupted the marketing data and operations landscape with instant access to data from over 180 marketing tools and the unification of client reporting, performance analytics, workflow and ad operations in a single platform,” said Babak Hedayati, CEO of TapClicks. He added, “TapClicks is enviably the market leader serving over 3,500 agencies and 10,000 brands globally. This investment from Boathouse Capital will help us grow 10X to serve 35,000 agencies and 100,000 brands and connect to the greatest number of marketing and advertising technology partners.” “We have been early innovators in developing Smart solutions for Marketing Business Intelligence with our Smart Connector and Campaign Scoring algorithms. We will infuse Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning pervasively into all aspects of our platform including building a marketing and advertising focused recommendation engine,” Hedayati stated.