Boathouse Capital Completes Growth Investment in Sandboxx

Boathouse Capital is pleased to announce that it has completed a growth investment in Sandboxx, or (“The Company”), a military platform that strives to make service members successful by connecting them with their families, career content, and lifestyle utilities.

The Company’s initial product, Sandboxx Letters, digitized the time-consuming processes of sending physical letters. Sandboxx Letters empowers service members to maintain meaningful bonds with family and friends back home during basic training. Each year, 225,000+ young men and women join the Military. The Company supports more than 70% of this recruit pipeline via its Letters product and in-app basic training preparation content. Written in the app, Sandboxx prints and delivers these letters to all recruit installations three times faster than traditional mail – getting crucial support to new service members days earlier. Each Sandboxx Letter contains reply stationery and envelope, along with additional items such as gift cards. The Company also provides subscription-based newsletters and mail products for those in basic training. These products have a positive impact on both early dropout and recruiting for the DoD.

Entering the next phase, the company is now broadening its focus towards supporting service members beyond basic training. Beginning with new features such as a digital wallet for on-post shopping, a career advancement tracker, and secure unit communications, Sandboxx has a roadmap of products dedicated to the success of military members.

“We set out to build a platform that could fundamentally reshape the success of our military community. I am proud of our team and the footing we have to climb. In the next 18 months, Sandboxx and the Boathouse team will work together in the product trenches to onboard the entire U.S. Military,” said Sam Meek, Sandboxx’s CEO & Co-founder.

Joe Ferguson, Vice President, remarked, “Sandboxx solves an age old-year problem within military communication. I’m excited to partner with Sam and his team to accelerate the existing platform and pivot towards post-basic training opportunities.”

The Company Motto, “Do good by doin’ good,” sits at the center of Sandboxx culture – driving team alignment and passion. Sandboxx seeks to hire 40 people in the next 18 months to support the next phase of growth. Visit their careers page for more: