Boathouse Capital Completes Investment in OOHA Wilkins

Boathouse Capital (“Boathouse”) is pleased to announce that it has completed an investment in Out of Home America Wilkins, (“OOHA Wilkins”).

Based in New York, NY, OOHA Wilkins is one of the oldest and largest independent out-of-home media specialists in the country. Founded in 1965, OOHA Wilkins has rapidly grown since Jon Selame became CEO in 2012 and is a value-added partner to leading advertising and media agencies as well as a number of the fastest growing Fortune 100 brands.

Out of home advertising, which includes billboards, ads on transit vehicles, and placed-based ads in places such as malls, airports, and elevators, is a uniquely complex advertising channel. With thousands of operators in countless locations around the country, out-of-home advertising is highly fragmented, local in nature, and labor-intensive to execute. OOHA Wilkins facilitates the process of planning and executing out-of-home advertising campaigns by bringing specialization, experience, breadth of services, and purchasing power to its clients.

Steve Gord, Partner at Boathouse Capital, said, “OOHA Wilkins is a prime example of Boathouse Capital’s strategy to partner with rapidly-growing, differentiated companies with strong owner-operators. Jon has done a tremendous job of growing OOHA Wilkins based on dedication to customer service, market knowledge, creativity, and innovation. We look forward to working alongside Jon and the OOHA Wilkins team to help take the company to the next level.”

Andrew Olsen of Boathouse Capital said, “Spending on out-of home advertising in the US will exceed $7 billion in 2014 and it continues to account for a growing share of total advertising expenditures. Yet, the breadth and fragmentation of the market makes it very complex and expensive to execute. Specialists like OOHA Wilkins provide a clear benefit to their clients by leveraging their experience, knowledge, and scale to plan and deliver a successful out of home campaign. The value that Jon and his team bring to their customers is evident in the fact that OOHA Wilkins boasts many customer relationships that span more than a decade.”

Jon Selame, President and CEO of OOHA Wilkins, said, “I’m excited to partner with Boathouse Capital as we enter our next growth phase. The entire Boathouse Capital team has demonstrated impressive industry knowledge and a commitment to accelerating the growth of our company.”

As part of the transaction, Steve Gord will join the company’s board.