Boathouse Capital Completes Investment in Splashlight

Boathouse Capital today announced that it has completed a growth investment in SplashlightTM, a leading tech-enabled visual content creation company offering the highest standards in e-commerce photography and video. Splashlight is majority-owned by LiiVTM, a company formed by James Ingram and Benoit Lagarde to enable their vision of creative intelligence — the intersection of technology, creativity, and human science — through advocacy, thought leadership, academic partnerships, and technology platforms. The Boathouse investment enabled the company’s most recent acquisition, TelmarTM, the intelligent media insights company, with a 51-year track record and 25,000 users internationally. The combination of Splashlight and Telmar will bring to market the new discipline of creative intelligence, which is a breakthrough way to gather data about creative campaigns and provide marketers with meaningful understanding about their audiences without invading consumers’ privacy.

“Splashlight represents an exciting investment opportunity for Boathouse,” said Chong Moua, Partner at Boathouse Capital. “We’re able to help LiiV expand its innovative offerings by adding Telmar’s expertise in media targeting and planning strategies. We are completely on board with James and Benoit’s vision for creative intelligence, and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

“LiiV started with a global vision for creative intelligence, and up until now that was carried out through Splashlight alone,” said James Ingram, one of the founders of LiiV. “We’re excited to partner with Boathouse and for the opportunity to add Telmar to the LiiV family. Through this partnership, we’re unlocking commercial and creative success for over 700 clients, and for a whole new generation of marketers.”

Telmar is the world’s largest independent provider of strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, marketers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers. With a 51-year track record and 25,000 users internationally, outputs from Telmar’s analytical tools provide granular detail on target audiences and actionable guidance for marketing campaigns. The combined business will transform the industry with its AI-based technology, which allows for deeper insight into how consumers engage with visual content and brand messaging, by taking into account a bigger set of data points around human behavior.