Boathouse Capital Portfolio Company, Community Dental Partners and OrthoDent Announce Partnership

Boathouse Capital is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Community Dental Partners, has completed a partnership with OrthoDent.

Community Dental Partners (CDP), a dental support organization (DSO) known for its dedication to bringing high-quality dental care to the underserved, is excited to announce its new partnership with OrthoDent, a pediatric and orthodontics-based DSO with 12 locations around Texas. This new collaboration will see CDP providing strategic support and business resources to elevate OrthoDent’s services, allowing them to do what they do best — deliver top-tier pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care to communities that need it most. At the same time, OrthoDent will allow CDP to offer additional specialty services to patients while learning best practices in regards to this arm of the business from OrthoDent’s years of experience and expertise.

The partnership with OrthoDent marks the first time a specialty pediatric dentistry and orthodontics brand has joined the network of practices that CDP supports. The companies’ missions and patients they serve are so aligned that service evolution was not a difficult choice.

Says Dr. Chad Evans, co-founder of CDP, “OrthoDent has already done such an amazing job bringing orthodontic care to so many people who normally wouldn’t have access to this kind of service – or orthodontic care at all. This same work has always been in our own company’s future planning, so adding them to the group of dynamic and mission-based Dental Support Organizations we support couldn’t feel more fitting.

In return, we are providing them the support to expand their work in the pediatric dentistry space. What a wonderful win-win for OrthoDent, CDP, and most importantly, the communities that will reap the benefit of this partnership.”

Dr. Nieku Manshadi, DDS, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of OrthoDent, adds, “At OrthoDent, our mission from the start has been to increase access to quality, safe, and comfortable specialty dental care in underserved communities. By partnering with CDP, we join forces with a like-minded group that aligns with our mission and culture. With their added resources and support, we’re excited about the opportunities to grow and look forward to expanding our services for the communities that need it most.”

For CDP, this partnership marks its expansion into new ways of serving the dental community and serving its patients, which the company openly regards as its “North Star” when executing all their planning and work, from mission creation to taking care of patients.

Says CDP co-founder Emmet Scott, “There is a special kind of power and business magic that happens when two companies who want to do good for people and do good business get together. That is what is happening here, and we cannot wait to see what we can extend to communities in Texas together!”