Boathouse Capital Portfolio Company, Mediafly, Raises $80 Million

Boathouse Capital is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Mediafly, has raised $80 million to extend revenue enablement to the enterprise. The investment was led by BIP Ventures with support from Boathouse Capital and Mediafly insiders. The funding will advance Mediafly’s strategy to deliver the most comprehensive revenue enablement platform, intentionally designed for large enterprises. Mediafly is used daily by top B2B go-to-market teams to engage buyers, prepare sellers, quantify value, and continuously optimize sales force performance.

Over the past 18 months, Mediafly grew its customer base 164% and added new capabilities through organic innovation and the acquisition and integration of five revenue technology vendors. Mediafly is now the only provider to effectively combine enablement (content management and coaching) and intelligence (conversation and revenue) in a unified platform. The company’s platform is trusted by a vast network of sales, marketing, customer success, enablement, and operations professionals at global organizations including Nestle, ADP, Honeywell, TransUnion, Heineken, Adobe, Sealed Air and Moen.

“In this environment companies have to clear a high bar to raise money. Our investment is a resounding statement about how critical revenue enablement is and how well-positioned Mediafly is to lead the sector,” said Mark Buffington, Managing Partner of BIP Ventures. “They are the only company that has combined revenue enablement and intelligence — a game-changer for complex enterprise companies.”

Enterprise B2B selling has experienced significant transformation: buyers digitally self-educate, buying groups have grown, and everyone is inundated by content. This shift requires a modern approach to enablement, with personalized, immersive experiences that stand out.

Mediafly makes it easy to create and share content and is designed to scale across tens of thousands of sellers and buyers. The platform features enterprise functionality including robust user management and permissioning, stringent brand governance, effortless personalization, seamless data integration, and reliable security.”

“Our mission is to help revenue teams succeed with their buyers and to positively progress the pre- and post-meeting relationship through content experiences that build trust and confidence,” said Carson Conant, Mediafly Founder and co-CEO. “We’re seeing strong demand from the enterprise segment reaffirming the need for unique solutions that address the challenges global go-to-market teams face. With this funding, we’re poised to unveil new capabilities and enriched services, equipping our customers with what they need to strengthen business relationships and increase revenue growth.”

“The days of companies putting together a pastiche of best of breed tools are well behind us,” said Mary Shea, Mediafly co-CEO. “Mediafly’s platform allows business leaders to consolidate their enablement tools by uniting content management, digital sales rooms, revenue and conversation intelligence, and value selling tools. My research shows that 75% of go-to-market leaders strongly prioritize providers that offer multiple products. Companies are tired of balancing siloed data and disconnected technologies that are expensive, difficult to maintain and result in poor user adoption.”