Transaction Approach

Boathouse has a lean team, which enables us to be nimble and flexible when making mezzanine debt and structured equity investments. We approach every situation with an open mind and create customized investment structures to match any business model or transaction type. There is no red tape at Boathouse; when you do business with any of us, you are interacting with a decision maker.  As a partner for growth, Boathouse looks to take make investments where it can help in the value creation process.  At Boathouse, we also believe our ability to invest on a non-control basis provides our management partners with the freedom to execute their business plans and maximize their retained ownership.

Flexible Underwriting

Boathouse has the ability to invest across the entire junior capital structure with both mezzanine debt and structured equity.   Boathouse looks to blend the best attributes that mezzanine debt and equity have to offer in order to create most upside for our management teams and owners.  In every Boathouse investment, our goal is to provide a junior capital solution that allows management to focus on maximizing their company’s long-term growth objectives without the concern of cumbersome amortizing debt while also limiting equity dilution.

Portfolio Management

Boathouse doesn’t invest in turnaround situations; we instead partner with management teams already excelling at running an attractive business. Once invested, we share best practices learned from our years of investing together and bring to bear expertise from our network of operating executives. We build value added Boards and assist in rounding out management teams.  If we invest in your business, we’ll help you make it better so that we can win as a team.  Boathouse believes in using our business development and underwriting skills to be an outsourced corporate finance arm for our portfolio when it comes to sourcing, reviewing and funding add-on acquisitions after our initial investment.

Owner-Operators & Management Teams

Owner operators and/or management teams are the core of Boathouse’s deal flow strategy. Owner-operators partner with us for a variety of reasons, among them:

  • To obtain growth or acquisition capital
  • To team up with a value-added partner
  • To recapitalize the balance sheet
  • To take some chips off the table
  • To deal with succession planning issues
  • To buy out a business partner


With intermediaries, we seek to forge strong, long-lasting relationships that create mutually-beneficial results. The transaction flow that our intermediary relationships bring us is a vital component of our business. With all intermediaries we:

  • Provide prompt feedback
  • Honor our commitments
  • Maintain strict confidentiality
  • Are amenable to paying market transaction fees

Independent Sponsors

Boathouse invests with Independent Sponsors and sees them as a value-added source of investment opportunities. Since we invest both debt and equity, we can serve as the flexible one-stop partner needed to close a transaction. Boathouse seeks to partner with Independent Sponsors that have the following:

  • Proprietary investment opportunity
  • Attractive valuation
  • Experience in operating the type of business they seek to buy
  • Willingness to work alongside us to close the deal
  • Ability to invest own capital

What’s With the Name?

We are named after Philadelphia’s famous Boathouse Row along the Schuylkill River. Does this mean we are all ex-champion rowers? Afraid not.

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